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Table of Contents
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About me

Hi there! My name is Gavin. I have an M.A. and Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics from the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. My main research examines how language and culture shape human relationships with threatened species and places, with most of my work focused on Hawaiian green sea turtles in Hawai‘i. …

Ed Yong on the Craft of Science Writing and Communication

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Photo by Rana Sawalha on Unsplash

When it comes to science writing and communication, there are few writers as skilled at their craft as Ed Yong. He’s something of a science writing prodigy. His writing spans topics ranging from the microbes that inhabit our bodies and orca conservation to language genes and most recently, the current global pandemic.

In fact, Yong’s coronavirus reporting has been widely praised as some of the most well-researched, compelling, and informative coverage on the pandemic. He currently covers science as a staff writer for the Atlantic, and his work has appeared in National Geographic, Nautilus, Scientific American, Wired, Aeon, Nature, the…

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Photo by Havilah Galaxy on Unsplash

James Nestor’s book ‘Breath’ chronicles the new science on the ancient art of better breathing.

“If I had to limit my advice on healthier living to just one tip, it would be simply to learn how to breathe better.” — Dr. Andrew Weil

When I first started reading James Nestor’s new book, Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art, I was curious but skeptical. Why do I need to learn to breathe better? I’ve been breathing my whole life. It seems like I’ve been doing it pretty well so far. On average about 25,000 times a day. After all, I’m still alive.

Perhaps if you meditate or practice yoga, you are aware of how…

Sociolinguist William Labov on how to analyze people’s everyday narratives of personal experience

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Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

The sociolinguist William Labov is probably most well known for his research on “oral narratives of personal experience.” In other words, the many kinds of stories we tell in everyday conversation with friends, co-workers, and family.

Labov defines an oral narrative of personal experience as “a report of a sequence of events that have entered into the biography of the speaker by a sequence of clauses that correspond to the order of the original events.”

Here’s a simple example that Labob gives of how a ‘sequence of clauses’ in everyday conversation builds up into narrative.

  1. Well, this man had a…

Regenerative tourism is possible. But we can’t return to the ‘old normal.’

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Photo by Elizeu Dias on Unsplash

“The global tourism industry will persist after COVID-19. But it must be reimagined as, first and foremost, a public good rather than a commercial activity.”

Susanne Becken, Professor of Sustainable Tourism and Director, Griffith Institute for Tourism, Griffith University

This is usually the part where I describe the severity of the ecological crisis we’re in and introduce the monumental challenges we must overcome to avoid disaster.

Like this expert team of researchers say in a new report entitled: “Underestimating the Challenges of Avoiding a Ghastly Future”:

“The scale of the threats to the biosphere and all its lifeforms —…

Listen and learn about the climate solutions brewing in 2021

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Photo by Free To Use Sounds on Unsplash

More and more podcasts are coming out that explore the climate crisis. 2020 saw an increase in climate reporting. It was a year of multiple crises. Journalists, scholars, and activists saw podcasts as a new way to bring expert analysis to the complex intersection of social and ecological crises.

Podcasts have always been one of my favorite ways to digest new information. I can wash dishes, drive, run, shop for groceries, and fall asleep to podcasts too! I hear multi-tasking is not good for us. But the possibility podcasts offer to gain new knowledge through listening while getting other stuff…

wow, so cool to learn about the great backyard bird count! It's great to hear about different citizen science projects happening out there so thanks so much for sharing. Looking forward to following your writing!

Get started with EcoJournaling following these 4 steps

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Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Ecojournaling simply uses the common practice of journaling as a helpful tool to reconnect with the ‘more-than-human’ world around us.

People from many different walks of life – journalists, scientists, poets, philosophers, and everyday nature lovers – have used daily journaling as a practice to hone their observations of the world around them, spark their inspiration for thinking and writing, and stoke their curiosity to learn more.

Ecojournaling builds on this long tradition of nature journaling. But it also takes it in new directions. …

A new study recommends how business can navigate the complex landscape of sustainability reporting

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Gastlosen, Saanen, Suisse, Photo by Sylvain Mauroux on Unsplash

“We believe that sustainable development issues are urgent, complex and that they present an existential threat to people and planet. Unless they are addressed, no one will be around to make investment returns.”

— Sustainable Development Goals Disclosure (SDGD) Recommendations (2020)

What are the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

The SDGs are made up of 17 internationally agreed-upon goals to guide transformation towards sustainable development. In total, the 17 goals include 169 targets, and 232 indicators. They were explicitly designed to get businesses to address the mounting social and ecological crises we face today. The 17 goals aim to:

  1. Eradicate poverty and hunger, guaranteeing a healthy life.
  2. Universalize…

Historians consider Edison’s film to contain the oldest footage of surfing ever captured

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A longboarder surfing Waikiki: Photo by Knut Robinson on Unsplash

In his Pulitzer Prize-winning autobiography, ‘Barbarian Days,’ journalist William Finnegan tells the story of his life as a surfer. In talks he’s given about the book, Finnegan says he avoided writing about surfing for so long because he had an irrational fear that his editors and readers wouldn’t take him seriously anymore in his work as a war correspondent. It turns out people didn’t really care, he says.

But another aspect of writing about surfing worried him too: surfing is hard to write about. Much surf writing tends to be either too esoteric for non-surfers to understand, or too clichéd…

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