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James Nestor’s book ‘Breath’ chronicles the new science on the ancient art of better breathing.

“If I had to limit my advice on healthier living to just one tip, it would be simply to learn how to breathe better.” — Dr. Andrew Weil

When I first started reading James Nestor’s new book, Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art, I was curious but skeptical…

“No one can hit their target with their eyes closed” – Paolo Coelho

Eranthemum Sanguinolentum engraved by Benjamin Fawcett (1808–1893) for Shirley Hibberd’s (1825–1890) New and Rare Beautiful-Leaved Plants. Digitally enhanced from Rawpixel’s 1929 edition of the publication (Public Domain).

In their book Re:imagining Change, authors Reinsborough and Canning argue that we risk getting inundated by the complexity of the dots we want to connect– and lose our audience as a result — if we don’t focus on storytelling strategy.

What storytelling strategies can connect the dots from the local…

“The game is to listen, not so much to the full orchestra as to the separate instruments, and to try to locate the players.”

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In 1992, philosopher Christopher Manes wrote an influential essay entitled “Nature and Silence.” He argues that modern Western society has lost the ability to listen to nature. Today, we have become enraptured by a powerful anthropocentric myth that humans are the only source of consciousness, subjectivity, and intelligence. …

Tracing the origin story of the modern public zoo from its birth during the French Revolution to today

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Intro: The Captivity Paradox

If a zoo were modeled first on serving the ‘spatial needs’ of wildlife, rather than the entertainment needs of humans, then the very commodity zoos depend on for their existence would likely slip away into the less controlled, less displayable wild spaces of a more spacious refuge.

This is the…

Hellah Sidibe Ran Across The United States And He’s Still Going. His Advice On How to Prioritize Minimum Pressure Habits To Achieve Your Goals

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“Ten minutes a day, no matter the circumstances.”

— Hellah Sidibe

Hellah Sidibe has run every single day for more than 1500 days in a row. Most days he clocks in 5 -7 miles. He hasn’t missed a single day.

In a recent episode of the Rich Roll podcast, Hellah…

A new study examines how ExxonMobil copied the communication playbook of the Tobacco Industry to justify fossil fuels and blame customers

Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation. Dr. Brian Stacy, NOAA veterinarian, prepares to clean an oiled Kemp’s Ridley turtle after the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Credit: NOAA (Creative Commons). Accessed on Climate Visuals.

A new study published by Harvard researchers Geoffrey Supran and Naomi Oreskes is the first computational linguistic study examining the entire history of ExxonMobil’s climate communications. The authors meticulously show how ExxonMobil’s

• “…public climate change messaging mimics tobacco industry propaganda.”

• “Rhetoric of climate ‘risk’ downplays the reality and…

Since wolves were delisted from the Endangered Species Act other states are looking to copy Wisconsin’s wolf ‘killing spree’

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Over three wintery days in late February this year, Wisconsin hunters killed 218 wolves, nearly double the state’s “wolf harvesting” quota of 119 wolves.

That’s in addition to around 100 wolves killed over the winter since the Trump administration declared wolf populations “successfully recovered” on October 29, 2020. The U.S…

Gavin Lamb, PhD

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