Hi James, just wanted to chime in with others to let you know this piece really resonated with me! The connections you draw between the ultra-orthodox Jewish scholars and the prisoners at San Quentin is a fascinating way to frame the issue of what work could look like in a...post-capitalist society? I've been trying to dig into ideas on de-growth, the commons, UBI and and postcapitalism to get a better understanding how they're all connected, especially to solving environmental problems. I'll take a look at your other posts, and looking forward to following Escape Pod!

In case you're interested, I took a stab at writing about UBI from an environmentalist perspective for the first time, still working these ideas out but here it is: https://medium.com/swlh/why-we-need-a-modern-day-charter-of-the-forest-now-more-than-ever-2107fe6f2469

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